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We make solar simple. We created a complete hands off experience for you. With innovation at our core, we use first class tech to streamline our process. Equipment, design, financing, installation, permitting, inspections – we only partner with the best to offer you an experience that you will want to tell all your friends and family about.

That’s how solar should be

Ditch your power company

Increasing rates, an outdated power grid, generation charges, taxes and fees, and our personal favorite, rolling blackouts. It’s time to get out of your one sided relationship and take back your power. 

25 Year Production Guarantee

Innovolt promises a 25 year production guarantee on all of our systems. That means if the system doesn’t produce what we say, we are cutting you a check for the difference. We are eliminating the solar horror stories of being double billed. Go solar with Innovolt and do it right the first time.

Zero out of pocket cost

No payback period, no out of pocket costs, only savings with us on day 1. Keep the cash in your wallet and work with only the best products in the industry. We pay extra attention to the little things providing the ultimate customer experience. No payback periods, only savings. It’s a no brainer.

24/7 Monitoring

Get access to premium solar monitoring. See how much energy your system is producing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See what your system is producing anywhere in the world. We take the time to give our customers the things that are most important to them.

I rarely write reviews, but the attention to detail that Innovolt puts into their work is clearly recognizable from the first call. They made it so simple and and so easy and they answered all of my questions. We are so glad that we went with Innovolt! This has been by far the best experience working with any contractor by far!

Braydon Butler
Why Choose Us

Lightning Fast Installation

Most solar companies will drag installations out for months and months leaving you wondering what is going on. We eliminated all of the bloat and inefficiencies of a normal solar operation creating the fastest installation timelines in the industry. 

5 Star Customer Experiences

Experiences. It’s how we are defined. We believe in providing the best value, the best products, the best warranties, and the best service. Our vision is to create the most seamless transition to solar energy as possible. We are always working on creating delightful experiences at every touch point in the company. We are visionaries executing on excellence. We promise to all of our customers to be dynamic when change is necessary, but also stable and absolute so we can always be there for our customers.


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